Our experts help optimize your infrastructure and your sales team from lead acquisition to closing deals and every step in between.

Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing

Self-cleansing data means your list keeps performing better over time.

Clean data is a crucial piece of the marketing and sales process. By classifying data attributes, qualifying good data and disqualifying bad data, you will eliminate downtime, improve conversions and reduce data budgets.

We can help you deduplicate, validate, and augment your data to and define your ideal customer profile. You'll be ready for scalable growth.

Marketing Automation

Deliver leads to sales, with the right message, at the right time for rapid response.

Our certified marketing automation experts help you set up, optimize and deploy the infrastructure needed to give your sales prioritized inbound lead lists. We set up Fuel Lines™ for each of your marketing programs that feed into your CRM in a way that allows sales development reps to respond with rapidly with the right context. We also provide ongoing maintenance and support 24x7 on your sales and marketing systems.

Marketing Automation
CRM Expertise

CRM Expertise

Significantly increase the number of new pipeline opportunities with an easy-to-use closed-loop process. 

We will deploy a LAMP process that will make it easy to ensure that no lead gets left behind. Your CRM will get all new dashboards that will allow your sales teams to stay accountable. Management will have the visibility they need to pinpoint problems and respond quickly and easily identify what's working and what's not.

  • Easy-to-understand pipeline generation process
  • Real-time campaign performance by conversation outcome
  • Accurate status of all leads and activities
  • Simple and unambiguous language requires zero training
  • All your leads have validated follow-up activity
  • Easily identify important missing data

Sales Consulting

Get more meetings, close more deals.

The end-to-end systems are designed to be easy to use and minimize the amount of time it takes for the sales team to get meetings scheduled, track the progress reliably and accurately, and win more business. We train the sales team on using this new system until it is a habit. You'll be able to easily predict your monthly, quarterly and yearly pipeline generation and make data-driven decisions. 

We are happy to deliver the services you need including:

  • An Automated Dialer, along with 1:1 assisted sessions and remote coaching which greatly increases the number of demos scheduled
  • A Conversation Guide will help your team navigate the toughest objections when scheduling meetings
  • Sales Development Training on objection handling and proper CRM tracking
  • Optimize your discovery call process to fully qualify the incoming leads and track relevant information
  • Create checklists for sales to make sure they are following a consistent sales process 
  • Enterprise level sales training that will debunk sales myths and teach how to pull versus push
Sales Consulting

Content Curation

Significantly increase the number of new pipeline opportunities with an easy-to-use closed-loop process. 

Staying in front of your customers with consistent and relevant content ensures your prospects are educated on, and clearly understand your product offerings long-before the first discovery call. The Pipeline Group utilizes a powerful combination of scalable outreach software and Account Based Marketing strategies to drive more qualified inbound lead generation. Our marketing consulting services will maximize your brand’s footprint while reliably delivering high-ROI outbound and follow-up marketing workflows.

Our Content-as-a-Service offering include:

  • Marketing Content & Collateral including: Datasheets, Case Studies, White Papers, Solution Briefs, Battle Cards and more.
  • High-quality and consistent marketing collateral conveniently showcases and clearly communicates your company’s competitive advantages
  • Our Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategies will greatly increase the relevancy of the content your prospects and customers see
  • Targeted content curation allows you to educate prospects in order to capture more qualified inbound opportunities and to update current customers in order to secure their recurring purchasing commitments
  • Optimize your marketing outreach and grow your brand awareness with measurable analytics and consistent campaign tracking
  • Create automated and sequenced outreach campaigns for email and digital marketing to empower your sales development function and prioritize your calling lists

Increase Revenue with a Consistent Pipeline

We've honed our expertise in CRM, Marketing Automation, and sales tactics with hundreds of companies and deliver a minimum of 300% improvement. We've literally seen it all and can help you get ahead of your competition today.