Your full service pipeline generation engine includes highly skilled sales development talent, leak proof lead and activity management and more.


Connecting Sales Organizations with Qualified New Business Opportunities

The Pipeline Group's LaunchPad is the industry’s leading outsourced pipeline growth solution, responsible for identifying and connecting you with qualified, sales approved new business opportunities.

CRM Expertise

Our Strategy

At the beginning of our engagement we work closely with your team to evaluate your company’s positioning and discuss the brands you’re uniquely positioned to win business from. We then organize a new business strategy that supports converting those brands into customers.

Equipped with industry leading sales resources, our team immediately begins acquiring and segmenting the key prospecting data to ensure our sales and marketing efforts reach the right decision-makers the first time.

Knowing who exactly to target, our sales and marketing efforts typically take flight the first 2-3 weeks, communicating your company’s value and the unique problems you’re able to solve through a variety of different touchpoints.

Delivering a set number of qualified opportunities each month, we work alongside your team to help close and grow that business over the initial 12 months.

Sales Consulting

Included Services & Deliverables


Outsource top of the line sales development reps with relentless focus on prospecting


Amplify your resources with our proven strategies to optimize lead generation


We build relevant content that leads to more meetings and more new business

We deliver:

  1. An actionable "Ideal Customer Profile" based on past successes and market intelligence
  2. Validated account, contact, and personalization data for 2000 - 5000 contacts that match your Ideal Customer Profile
  3. Proven and tested messaging with and/or call scripts with 3-tier personalization
  4. Scalable warm introductions to qualified decision makers

Increase Revenue with a Consistent Pipeline

We've honed our expertise in CRM, Marketing Automation, and sales tactics with hundreds of companies and deliver a minimum of 300% improvement. We've literally seen it all and can help you get ahead of your competition today.