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A New Era Of Business Services

The Pipeline Group is the leading business services provider. With a team of over 250 experts across three continents, we provide talent and technology to help organizations adapt to a demanding new era and increase their pipeline.

A Better Way

Driven by a spirit of innovation, we’ve been at the center of improving systems, processes, and results for two decades, solving the big issues on behalf of our customers and the industry as a whole. We enable more effective engagement with prospects and, as a result, an increase in pipeline.

Less Is More

With a less is more approach to Salesforce.com we set-up systems and processes for salespeople giving everyone in the organization, sales, marketing, and finance, the visibility and predictability they need to be successful.

Born In The Cloud

Our cloud-native solutions and remote capabilities allow our customers to augment their sales staff with in-country, focused, certified sales resources.

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Our Team

We are a team of experts from around the globe united to help our customers drive a better business result.

Executive Leadership Team

Ken Jisser

Founder & ceo

Chris Luvara


Lance Turner

General Counsel & COO

Lisa Foster

Head of customer success

Global Reach

North America

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