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The SDR Attrition Challenge

The SDR Attrition Challenge

Sales Development teams are often known for “churn and burn.” Companies see reps coming and going from the company like revolving door. This can stem from a lack of growth and advancement opportunities, poor training, poor management, lack of employee-job fit and role clarity, unclear or unrealistic goals, etc. Without a vision of how they can contribute to the company, representatives continue to work mindlessly, making it difficult to feel fulfilled.

50%-75% SDR Attrition Rate across the Industry.

A great Sales Development Rep is a hard worker, experienced, process-oriented, ambitious, resilient, persistent, and intuitive. They know:

  • Where to look
  • Exactly what to say
  • How to research
  • How to find real opportunities for your team

For the longest time, these qualities were difficult to retain and the reason is simple: really good SDRs want to get promoted to an AE position, or they move to another company leaving your worst SDRs to do this crucial job right. And if outbound is an important part of your business, it is impossible to scale until you solve the SDR attrition challenge.

The Launchpad Solution

The Pipeline Group’s Launchpad Sales Development Representative as a Service is an outsourced inside sales development solution that enables companies to grow pipeline faster.

We offer highly trained, highly effective, Lead & Activity Management (LAMP) certified sales development representatives able to optimize your Go-to-Market strategy, messaging, targeting, and produce 10x the activity of a typical rep. With our solution companies experience the output of a team of 10 Sales Development Representatives for one low, fixed, monthly cost. Our service includes:

(1) Automated Power Dialer that empowers our resource to make 500 dials and 20+ live conversations a day.

(2) Conversation Guide that acts as the framework to capture the best practices when it comes to handling objections and positioning your company when calling.

(3) SDR Management to ensure your daily activity metrics are met, the Lead and Activity Management Process remains intact, and you build pipeline faster than ever before.

(4) Email Campaigns with personalized, ABM campaign-specific messages from the SDR to target the Ideal Customer Profile audience.

The Customer Benefits

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