Technology & Services

Lead & Activity Management Process (LAMP)

Bring All Leads to a Resolution with a Closed-loop Calling Process:

  • Task & Activity Outcome Package - Automatically adjust the lead status based on the activity outcome.
  • Exception Reporting - Identify issues with the closed-loop calling process.
  • Meeting Influence Tracking - Automatically track scheduled and completed meetings by TPG Fuel Lines for campaign attribution.

Predictable Pipeline Development

Create the SDR Conversion Waterfall:

  • Track dials, conversations, scheduled meetings, completed meetings, pipeline generated, and closed won business.
  • Monitor SDR trends, Sales Rep performance, and conversion rates.
  • Generate key activity and performance metrics directly from Salesforce.

Conversation Guide

A Content Management System for SDR Messaging:

  • Allow SDRs to take notes in structured text for automatic nurturing via the marketing automation system.
  • The Agent Console combines the CRM, the Automated Dialer (ADT), and the Conversation Guide in a single user interface for the SDR.
  • Record the answers to discovery and qualification questions for reporting.


Configure Price Quote & Measure:

  • Quote Quickly - Generate customer ready Quotes in minutes, all within the Salesforce environment.
  • Automate Efficiently - Reduce duplication of effort and map your business to proven SaaS industry process automation with an intuitive point and click interface.
  • Measure with Confidence - Whether it's Churn Rates, Upgrades, Renewal Forecasting, or any of the xRR metrics we've got you covered - straight out of the box.

Partner Deal Registration

  • Architect deal registration process and flow, and tag partner accounts.
  • Create a separate lead record type for partners to support the deal registration process
  • Build an external site for partners to submit leads for deal registrations and referrals
  • Adjust lead routing rules to appropriate owner and assign lead source and campaigns for tracking - Partner Dashboard & Reporting – Architect partner tracking, reporting, and dashboard

Data Services

Custom List Builds and Enrich and Append Services:

  • Human-verified data; phone & email
  • 100% Guarantee on contact data if bad data returned within 30 days of delivery.
  • Bad data purged from the system and replaced with new data matching ICP criteria.
  • Largest information security contact database on the planet.

CRM Administration Services

Administer on a day-to-day basis:

  • Manage data assignments and data migrations
  • Provide Salesforce CRM support for sales, finance, and marketing
  • Prepare reports, views, dashboards, for sales, finance, and marketing

Marketing Automation Services

Administer Marketing Automation on a day-to-day basis:

  • MA data and list upload, deduplication, and on-going management
  • Manage hard and soft bounces, and other data errors
  • Suppression list management, including unsubscribes and competitors MA Program Execution
  • Operationalize nurture programs and mass emails as requested by marketing
  • Instrument all necessary workflow rules and suppression lists for custom campaign execution
  • Provide MA reporting and campaign ROI reporting

Sales Playbooks & Kick-offs

  • Debunking Sales Mythology, Territory & Account Planning (ICP), Common Sales Challenges, Prospecting & Objection Handling, Qualifying Prospects & Opportunities, Discovery Call, Closing, Sales Process, Forecasting & Opportunity Management.
  • Presentation of the Sales Playbook.

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