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The Pipeline Group empowers you to take control of how you work while contributing your expertise to the world's best companies.

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Highly respected professionals come to The Pipeline Group at different phases of their careers to deliver business results to world-class companies. Join us to grow your career and meet your goals while prioritizing what matters most to you.


What The Pipeline Group Offers

Take Control Of Your Career

Do your best work your way - projects that fit your interests, experience, and needs.

At The Pipeline Group you can:

  • Work with highly respected companies
  • Define your work preferences
  • Choose when and how you work - from working remotely to taking time off when you need
  • Enjoy team events and company culture

Expand Your Growth Opportunities

Tackle projects that build on your strengths and expand your experience across industries.

You will serve as a critical business partner to our clients, helping them define their go-to-market messaging and identify their ideal customers, quickly delivering value while enhancing your skillset.

Build A Powerful Network

Work alongside passionate colleagues, and benefit from a powerful support system, access to benefits, and professional development.

The Pipeline Group provides you with the chance to participate in a dynamic technology community. We’re committed to your success and our support infrastructure includes guided onboarding for each new project, regular check-ins and performance reviews, and continuing education opportunities.


Our Innovative Employment Model

The Pipeline Group's employment model enables you to take advantage of the stability of consistent, engaging work and frees you from the common everyday pains. You can choose your engagements and take time off when you need.

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