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Our CRM, Marketing Automation, Technology, and Sales proficiencies drive remarkable revenue growth.

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The Pipeline Group provides Go-To-Market expertise for companies looking to build predictable pipeline.

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Optimize your existing pipeline development process and team.


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Outsource the entire sales development process to experts.


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The world’s most successful companies turn to The Pipeline Group for solutions that solve real business challenges. See how our customers use our solutions to drive a better business result.

What our customers are saying

David Van Everen

SVP of Marketing, Mirantis

”We generated deals we wouldn’t have otherwise but for our decision to work with The Pipeline Group. Without their efforts, we would not be able to effectively follow up with our most compelling leads.’’

Jared Hufferd

SVP of Worldwide Sales, Stellar cyber

”The Pipeline Group was a key partner and leading factor to our success in developing our Go-to-Market strategy. They were able to spot and resolve issues in a matter of minutes that would typically take us months.”

Peter Amirkhan

VP & GM of Americas, zscaler

”The Pipeline Group took our legacy sales development process and flipped it on its head.  Within 6 months they increased activity and drove a 400% increase in pipeline. TPG is a strategic partner that exceeded all our expectations.’’

Jaspreet Singh

CHIEF Executive OFFICER, druva

”With the help of the Pipeline Group, we transformed our WW sales development operation. They helped us significantly increase our activity and grew our pipeline by 9x in 6 months."

Shaun Schooley

VP of Marketing Technology, Coopervision

“The Pipeline Group exceeded my expectations, their sales and marketing expertise added tremendous business value to our pipeline.”

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Our CRM, Marketing Automation, Technology, & Sales proficiencies drive remarkable revenue growth.

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